When a person is nearing graduation from a college or university, it may be time to start looking at internships and if they will be able to give the person the real life job skills necessary to succeed. An internship is basically training for a specific period of time for a certain job. In some cases, the internship is paid, but not all interns receive monetary compensation for their work. The details will be provided in the prospectus that gives all of the relevant information to the applicant.

There are many interesting internships that a person can apply for. In addition to the large international companies that have many interns, a person can also choose to intern at a local veterinary hospital, a radio station, or publishing house to gain experience. In fact, a person will find that there are a large number of intern positions available in many different sectors. While many people decide to keep their internship in the same field as what they studied at university, another idea is to go for something completely different to have a wider skill set and be more attractive to a potential employer.

Most of the internship opportunities are based on work experience, but there is another type of internship as well, called a research internship. In this model, students who are in their final year of university do research work for a company that is involved in their field of study. This experience is often used to complete a thesis or dissertation and many of the students go on to be full time employees for the company after graduation. Whatever type of internship a person chooses, the main goal should be to have fun while gaining a deeper understanding of the industry and learning how to behave in a typical work environment.