Even though the common pig has been domesticated for centuries, it is often not the first choice when a person is looking for a new pet. However, there are many reasons why a person may want to consider a pig for the newest addition to their family. Despite the common belief, pigs are actually quite intelligent and can be trained easily. In addition, once they have bonded with an owner, they become very affectionate and make great playmates with children. Most people choose the pot bellied variety of pigs because of their smaller size. The pot bellied pigs remain small throughout their life, meaning that an owner does not need to continually adapt the animal’s environment as it grows.

One of the main advantages that pot bellied pigs give over other types of pets is that they are odor free. While cats and dogs may leave an unpleasant smell everywhere they go, the pig will stay clean and not emit a bad smell in the house or yard. One thing a prospective owner of a pig should consider is that they are always hungry and will be relentless in asking for food. Because of this hunger, they will explore areas as much as they can and will eat any food that they find. For this reason, it is a good idea to make sure the pantry and all food locations are out of reach of the pig.

The pot bellied pigs will generally have a long life if its diet is well maintained and it is given a good home. An owner can expect a pet pig to live for an average of 15 years, the same amount as many dog and cat breeds. To keep the pig in the best health possible, the owner should schedule regular visits to a veterinarian that has experience in dealing with the lovable animals.