While they have slowly fallen out of favor over the many centuries of human civilization, goats are still being domesticated across the world for the many products they can provide. These animals are known as one of the oldest species of animals to be domesticated by man and early uses for the animal included warmth from the fur, milk, and meat. It is thought that the goats originally came from both Eastern Europe and southwest Asia, but their use by humans has brought them to all corners of the world.

The appearance of goats is quite distinctive across the many different breeds. All goats are equipped with two horns, except in cases where there has been a genetic mutation of the animal where a goat can have up to eight horns. The horns are mainly used for defense and to establish the boundaries of territory as well as dominance among the males. Similar to cows, the goats have a stomach that is made up of four individual chambers, including the omasum, abomasum, rumen, and reticulum. One of the identifying features of a goat is its beard, which hangs down just below its chin.

Although rumor has it that goats are capable of eating nearly anything, this is more an exaggeration than a description of a goat’s diet. They do have large appetites, but mainly prefer to eat a vegetarian diet of plants. The reason behind the reputation for eating anything is that they are curious by nature and are attracted to the smell of food inside cardboard boxes and tin cans. However, they will not eat food that has been contaminated unless they are facing starvation. A person that owns goats will discover that the animals will accept feed and will also forage on their own to eat bushes and shrubs.